Watch a pod of dolphins enjoying the waves in Newhaven

Crew aboard a tug boat were treated to the spectacular sight of dozens of the animals emerging from the water as they were out providing levelling services to Newhaven Port.

James Gray, assistant harbour master/marine works, said, Our tug crew at Shoreham Port were thrilled to capture this footage of a pod of 8-10 dolphins aboard our new tug boat Acamar on Tuesday.

The mammals came within inches of the boat as stunned crew member Darren Todman filmed the display.

According to Brighton Dolphin Project, they were a pod of bottlenose dolphins.

James added, With two tug boats now working as part of our fleet, we have increased our availability to assist clients with their requirements for seabed levelling, often working alongside dredgers to improve their efficiency or post dredge to work the hard to reach areas and reduce any residual high spots.

We look forward to assisting other Ports in the near future and hopefully capturing more exciting footage to share with our local community.

Dave Collins-Williams, Newhaven harbour master, said, I would like to say that Newhaven welcomes the Acamar on her in....

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