Velopoulos: I Would Sink Turkish Ships If I Were Prime Minister

Kyriakos Velopoulos, party leader of Hellenic Solution, claims that the Greek government is responsible for not imposing sanctions on Turkey and that he would have sunk the Turkish ships violating Greece’s continental shelf.

“I would have already boarded the Oruç Reis and I would have sunk the Turkish warships if I was prime minister,” said Velopoulos on ANT1’s ‘Good Morning Greece’ show when asked to talk about Greek-Turkish tensions and developments in the eastern Mediterranean.

“When the other invades your country, you must defend yourself. We are talking about a fascist, a Nazi, Recep Tayyip Erdoan,” Velopoulos added.

“When I say sinking ships, I do not say it by chance. I say it and you do it at some point. Have you heard a Greek politician say that? I hear ministers say ‘what are we to do?'” he questioned. “Why are we getting Rafale’s and frigates? To defend ourselves!”

In addition, Velopoulos argued th....

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