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There are several reasons to reconsider signing on the ship, presently, with each of these reasons being substantial enough in itself, to quit the seas, either for good, or just to wait out until the ongoing madness will end, one way or another.Reason 1: All seamen are lab rats.All seamen are lab rats, when it comes to new health requirements, regulations, vaccines, checks, etc. Theyre most vulnerable to anything healthcare related, not in terms of real health care, but in terms of implemented mandatory rules or medicines. They cant refuse inoculation, under the threat of becoming an illegal person with invalid papers, incapable of leaving or boarding the ship.…A new study related to the effectiveness of vaccines tells us what we have already known for decades: exposure to the virus contained in vaccines, which belong to prior strains of the flu enable our bodies to react against those old strains, but not to the current version of the flu, which is why it does not really protect us from the desired strains.Once our body has had contact with a pathogen, it saves the memory of it to respond more quickly in subsequent contacts. This is what is called natural immunity, which is real, effective immunity. It is different from vaccine-induced immunity, which is not real and that suppresses the bodys natural and effective immune response to pathogens.https://real-agenda.com/world-3/the-flu-vaccine-scam-is-exposed-again/The point is, this vaccine jab isnt the only one....

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