The Rolex Murder: International web of lies ended in sea off Teignmouth

The Rolex Murder has become infamous across the globe.

A single clue would not only identify the victim, but lead officers to unravel an international web of lies and deceit.

On July 28, 1996, a mans body was found in the net of the Brixham trawler Malkerry six miles off Teignmouth.

Detectives found nothing on the body to indicate who the drowned man was. Their only clue was a 25-year-old Rolex Oyster watch which was still attached to his right wrist.

Six weeks later, after researching Rolexs meticulous service records, officers established that the victim was 51-year-old former soldier Ronald Platt.

The serial number and service documents showed the timepiece had twice been taken by Mr Platt to a firm of Harrogate jewellers in the 1980s.

Following Mr Platts trail to Essex, a landlord pointed officers in the direction of Mr Platts best friend.

That would eventually turn out to be fugitive Canadian businessman Albert Walker, who had given his name as David Davies and made out he was an American.

He initially told police that he had given Mr Platt money to set up an electrical business in France and had not seen him since June.

But when police drove out to Daviess home in the quiet village of Woodham Walter, near Maldon, to get a written statement, the officer was in for a surprise.

As fate would have it, the detective went to the wrong property where he was told: Our neighbour is called Platt, not Davies.

Alarm bells rang and police put him under the microscope for three weeks before arr....

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