The Lost Island Whose Inhabitants Can Legally Kill You If You Come Near

The last picture of the Sentileses was taken in 2005 by Christian Caron

Several attempts have been made to establish contact with the inhabitants of this island in the Indian Ocean, almost all of them rejected with arrows and spears by their inhabitants. So much so that the Indian government has created a zone of exclusion and does not take action if the inhabitants of the Sentinel of the north kill anyone who approaches.

The Sentinel Island in the north may look like an island if we see it from Google Earth. It is about a piece of land of about 72 square kilometres located in the Gulf of Bengal, about 1,300 kilometres from the Indian coast, located in the archipelago of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Seen from a boat or a helicopter it may seem like a little paradise. However, do not approach: the locals will kill you and the Indian government allows it.

Sentileses are one of the last tribes to survive without practically any influence of civilization. There are several reasons for this: the island has no strategic interest, has no interesting resource, is in the middle of nowhere and a coral reef makes the approach to the island very difficult. But above all, they remain isolated because their inhabitants have repeatedly rejected the contact in a violent way: arrows, stones and insults at best. Their number is unknown, but it is estimated that they are between 50 and 400.

One of the first contacts with the Islanders that has been recorded occurred in the late summer of 1771 when an Indian ship, the  Nineveh,  ran aground on the coral reef that....

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