The founder of Winch Design shares his industry experience

Dilbar in Sardinia

I love being by the river. Water, the tide, and moons mean a lot to me. Im Cancerian, and there is something very important to me about moving water, it's inspiring, says Andrew Winch, yacht designer and founder of design studio Winch Design during our interview one crisp autumn morning in London. 

While sitting in his recently renovated office at Winch Design in the Old Fire Station, its clear to see why he loves working here. The calm, peaceful surroundings of the idyllic neighbourhood and the stream of people and boats that travel up and down the Thames serve as the ideal backdrop for nurturing the creativity needed to design a yacht - or a plane, or an office, or a new house. 

Weve been on the same stretch of the river Thames watching the tide go in and out for 34 years now, Winch continues while looking out over the roaring river. A passionate sailor from a young age and an avid art collector, he is surprisingly soft-spoken for such an influential man within the industry. Having penned some of the industrys most notable superyachts like Areti, Madame Gu, and Dubai, and designed interiors for iconic yachts such as Dilbar and Cloud 9, Winch is unabashedly open about the foundation of Winch Design. During our talk over coffee and stroopwafels, he shares his challenges as a designer, as well as his vision for the future of Winch Design.

In the three decades since the studios foundation in Winchs family bedroom, it has grown exponentially, employing over 100 designers, architect....

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