Shippers' Council Condemns Surcharges On Nigerian-bound Cargoes

The Nigerian Shippers Council (NSC) has kicked against the surcharges placed on Nigerian-bound cargoes by foreign ship owners.

LEADERSHIP learnt that Nigeria seaports have the highest shipping freight rates in West and Central African countries.

Industry sources said that the high freight rates were fuelled by insecurity, the outsourcing of security architecture to private companies, which charge foreign shipping firms to safeguard their vessels, high turnaround time of vessels and inefficient cargo evacuation caused by traffic congestion on the port access roads.

The listed inefficiencies had reflected in the costs of shipping goods to Nigeria as an analysis on overseas cargo and freight costs by MoverDB, an online resource for international shipping, indicated.

In a chat with LEADERSHIP, the executive secretary, Nigerian Shippers Council (NSC), Barr Hassan Bello, said that the surcharges slammed on Nigerian-bound cargoes by foreign shipping companies were responsible for the high freight rate in Nigerian seaports.

According to him, the council is engaging the Global Shippers Forum on the inclusion of the council on how the surcharges are arrived at.

He said: The high freight rate is because of surcharges. These are abnormal charges carriers always place and this could be bunker adjustment, currency adjustment or security, which is called war risk and many others.

Unfortunately, we are not being able to determine what these charges are and that is why our engagement with the Global....

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