Ship Technology Global Issue 73 is out now

Ship Technology Global is back for another issue in a brand-new design and packed with even more technology news and industry analysis. In this issue, we ask whether regulations need to change at ports to boost protection from hazardous goods in the wake of the Beirut explosion, find out what the industry is doing to protect seafarers mental health during the Covid-19 crisis, and investigate a new project to create an all-electric tugboat with Echandia Marine.

In this issue

Beirut explosion: tracing the timeline of the disaster

Captured in footage that shocked the world, the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon on 4 August was a truly devastating event, causing at least 200 deaths, 6,000 injuries and billions of dollars worth of property damage. Below, Adele Berti traces a timeline of the events preceding the blast and its aftermath.

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Handline dangerous goods in the wake of the Beirut explosion

The blast that killed hundreds of people in the Lebanese port of Beirut earlier in August has left many wondering what could have been done to prevent the tragedy. Adele Berti finds out whether current regulations go far enough and what the shipping industry needs to do to ensure dangerous goods are handled safely.

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Digital seas: how Covid-19 could change the face of freight shipping

The global freight shipping sector, initially crippled by Covid-19, is emerging with a new purpose and confidence that digitisation could be the legacy of the pandemic. Andre....

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