Saudi coalition foils terrorist act on oil tanker near Yemen | Saudi Arabia

The Saudi-led coalition fighting the Houthis in Yemen says a commercial vessel has suffered minor damage from shrapnel in what it described as a foiled terrorist act, state media Al Arabiya reported.

The blast on Wednesday hit the MT Agrari, a Maltese-flagged, Greek-managed vessel off the coast of Shuqaiq, Saudi Arabia, just north of the Yemeni border, damaging its hull.

The Saudi-led alliance said it had destroyed an explosives-rigged boat in the southern Red Sea, Al Arabiya reported.

The terrorist acts of the Houthi militia with Iranian support threaten world shipping and trade, the alliance said, according to Al Arabiya.

British maritime security company Ambrey said the Agrari, managed by TMS Tankers was damaged by a mine while berthed at the al-Shuqaiq Steam Power Plant (SSPP).

The explosion took place in port limits and punctured the hull of the vessel, which is in ballast, Ambrey said in a statement, adding that the vessel arrived at Al Shuqaiq on Monday.

A source from the Athens-based shipping company TMS told Reuters: I cant confirm what exactly the cause was. It is possible [that it was from a mine], certainly it was a blast. We have nobody injured, there is no spill or pollution. The ship is in good condition, everyone is OK.

In a statement TMS Tankers said the incident happened at midnight GMT.

It was attacked by an unknown source after completion of her discharging and preparing to depart, it said.

The statement from the Agraris operators said the vessel was struck about o....

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