SAES - Naval Technology

Our systems offer high-reliability, easy operation and low-maintenance costs and include:

  • Intruder Detection Sonar. The high-frequency active sonar DDS-03 – Intruder Detection Sonar is designed to protect harbours, anchored vessels and critical infrastructure against underwater threats such as divers and underwater vehicles. DDS-03 can be integrated with any surveillance system
  • Sonar Modernization. SOCILSUB allows incorporation of new and advanced signal processing algorithms to improve the sonar performances, keeping the same cylindrical array in the submarine’s bow
  • Towed Array Sonar. SOLARSUB RDTAS is a reelable digital towed array sonar that provides a 360° detection range. It is simple to integrate with the combat system and easy-to-install on-board vessels
  • Towed Array Handling Systems (TAHS) allow the reeling of the array onto a capstan located on the submarine
  • Acoustic Classification. SICLA is a highly versatile system that can be integrated into any combat system, PC or laptop, and connected to any acoustic device such as sonars, sonobuoys and recorders
  • Underwater Acoustic Propagation. SEAPROF is a complete sonar performance and prediction system that allow the evaluation of any sonar in any underwater environment: ray tracing, propagation losses and FOM
  • Acoustic signature. ONMS is a self-noise monitoring system that provides automatic alerts
  • Noise Producer System is a useful device for sea testing of sonars, as well as for hydrophone calibration
  • SVB is a monitoring and survei....
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