Royal Navy hails French tenacity in Gulf region

A Royal Navy Commodore has hailed the tenacity of a French frigate that is part of a task force operating out of the volatile Gulf region.  

Combined Task Force 150  (CTF-150), which is run from Bahrain,  is a multinational task group composed of warships from numerous Coalition nations, led by an Anglo-French team and headed by Royal Navy Commodore Edward Ahlgren.

The task force leads the fight against terrorists trying to use the waters east of Suez to conduct their illegal activities and its mission is to patrol the Indian Ocean as part of the global war on terrorism.

Last week, the task force seized a 'huge' quantity of drugs in the Arabian Sea, thanks to its 'tenacious' partners  in 'La Royale' - the French Navy.

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A Spokesperson for the Combined Martime Forces (CMF)  - a 33-nation Naval partnership - said: "A French warship, representing Combined Task Force 150 (CTF 150) seized a huge amount of hashish from a rogue dhow on Wednesday 25 September. "

Bags of hashish onboard the captured Dhow (Image: CMF)

The CMF spokesperson said: "The dhow had been tracked for a short period and did not respond to requests from the warship, FS NIVOSE, on her intentions.  Highly trained French sailors, in military rigid inflatable boats, conducted a boarding and in the subsequent search, over 2.5 tonnes of the illegal narcotic was discovered and subsequently destroyed.

CTF15 Commander Commodore Edward Ahlgren said, This substantial seizure clear....

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