Post-Pandemic: How Sri Lanka can be a Maritime Education and Training hub - Adaderana Biz English

By Prof (Dr) Capt.  Nalaka Jayakody

Sri Lanka is truly a blessed maritime nation. The countrys exceptional maritime services, quality of seafarers and relevant training institutions, strategic geographical location, abundant natural and human resources, among many others coupled with successfully fighting against the global pandemic puts the country in a perfect position to thrive in becoming a maritime education and training hub not just in the region but globally as well. This is an opportunity that should never be missed. Its the ideal moment for the government to lobby with other countries, establish sustainable public-private partnerships, create awareness about this lucrative profession, integrate maritime education into the school curriculum, encourage prospects to pursue their maritime training at home than abroad, invest in a range of infrastructure and support systems, among many others. Its now or never.

Maritime transport dominates

When we talk about maritime in general, its probably the main mode of transport for global trade with around 90pct of traded goods being carried by ships. Despite many technological advances in this sector, the shipping industry continues to still dominate as the life blood of the global economy. Things such as intercontinental trade, bulk transport of raw materials, and the import and export of affordable food, essentials and manufactured goods would simply be impossible. Simply put, without shipping we wouldve all gone in hunger during t....

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