New maritime surveillance system in Langkawi, peninsular east coast to curb smuggling | Malaysia

Mohd Yusoff (centre) said the new MSSS, with the assistance of aerial drones and patrol boats, will help in monitoring the waters and coastal areas from Langkawi in Kedah to Pengkalan Kubur in Kelantan. Picture by Ben Tan

JOHOR BARU, July 15 The government will install a new Malaysian Sea Surveillance System (MSSS) this year at a cost of over RM100 million to specifically monitor the waters off Langkawi and the east coast of the peninsula.

Federal marine police force commander Senior Assistant Commissioner Mohd Yusoff Mamat said the system will function as a 24-hour radar network to monitor for all types of suspicious boat or ship movements in both areas.

He said in Langkawis waters, the MSSS will monitor against the influx of undocumented migrants, especially Rohingya refugees, as well as to prevent smuggling of human migrants, cigarettes, liquor and other prohibited goods.

Langkawis waters have a difficult terrain and is not accessible with the existing surveillance system as there are many blind spots and hilly areas.

On the east coast, the system will play a role in tracking down foreign fishing boats that have encroached into the country's waters for their catch, said Mohd Yusoff at the Region Two marine police base in Pengkalan Rinting in Tampoi here today.

Earlier, Mohd Yusoff witnessed the handling-over ceremony for the new Region Two marine police force commander.

The new position will be filled by Assistant Commissioner Muhd Zailani Abdullah who will replace Assistant Co....

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