Missing Malaysia Airlines plane MH370 search draws another blank

Air search for missing MH370 draws another blank as Australian PM admits 'debris' might 'just be a shipping container...we just don't know'

  • Search co-ordinator says objects 'could be best lead to find survivors'
  • But Australian PM warns debris could simply be shipping containers
  • Acting Prime minister believes the suspected debris may have sunk
  • Pilot says he has 'a lot of hope' after two-hour sweep of search area
  • Search party has 29 planes, 21 ships and 6 helicopters from 20 nations
  • Malaysian defence minister warns the search was going to be a 'long haul'
  • Operation has finished for a second day with nothing significant found
  • Teams will return tomorrow as operation is extended for another day
  • Only 16 days left before batteries on the locator beacons run out
  • Malaysia to request deep ocean salvage vehicles from the United States
  • Plane was carrying lithium ion batteries, but 'not deemed hazardous'

By Candace Sutton In Perth and Nathan Klein and Chris Paine and Simon Tomlinson

Published: | Updated:

Search planes flying deep into the Indian Ocean found nothing that could be from the missing Malaysia Airlines jet after a second day scanning the seas, Australia's acting prime minister said today.

The planes are part of an international effort to solve the nearly two-week-old mystery of what happened to flight MH370 which vanished with 239 people on board.

Warren Truss, who is acting prime minister while Tony Abbott is in Papua New Guinea, said: 'The ....

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