Maritime Museum and group of businessmen planning expedition to Antarctica | News

Tracing the route Baltic German explorer Fabian Gottlieb Bellingshausen took soon 200 years ago, the Estonian Maritime Museum together with a group of businessmen is planning what would be the largest contemporary popular science expedition. The party would set off in Kronstadt in Russia on 11 July.

As businessman and passionate traveller Tiit Pruuli explained to ERR's radio news, the aim isn't to sail from Kronstadt to Antarctica in as short a time as possible. On the contrary, the party would make several stops on the way, Mr Pruuli said.

"Bellingshausen made stops as well. Some of ours will follow his original route, but not all of them. Bellingshausen didn't stop in Saaremaa," he added, pointing to the planned second stop after Helsinki. Bellingshausen, a Baltic German, was born on the Estonian island of Saaremaa.

Stops beyond Helsinki and Bellingshausen's own island would also include Kaliningrad, Gdansk and Oslo, where events would be held in cooperation with local maritime museums, Mr Pruuli said.

The plans for a stop in the German port of Kiel are more ambitions, with a conference currently in its initial planning stages. "It would focus on the Baltic German explorers that travelled in the services of Russia, and their destinations," he added.

If the expedition comes together, there will be some 30 stops all in all. Other aims of the planned trip are to popularise maritime sciences, and to raise awareness of climate change.

The ship the group would be using is a Jongert-24 ....

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