Maritime experts point to oceans of options

Opportunities abound in the maritime industry and it is time for black people to dive in, Maersk Southern Africa market manager Nduh Msibi says.

Speaking during a maritime business virtual seminar on Wednesday, Msibi said 90% of world trade involved the ocean and with globalisation continually raising consumer demand, the possibility for building jobs and revenue were substantial.

Its time for Africans to deal with the myth that black people are scared of the water.

We need to dive in and add value and derive value.

My question is how do we move from talking about the potential of the maritime industry to acting to achieve our goals in the sector?

The seminar was hosted by the Eastern Cape Maritime Business Chamber and presentations were geared around the topic maritime transport the backbone of international trade.

The  chambers  deputy secretary, Ndumie Mfenyana, said the seminar also fell under the October Transport Month theme of shaping the future of transport together as declared by transport minister Fikile Mbalula.

Msibi, who graduated from Strathmore University in Kenya with an honours degree in supply chain management, said efficiency was an imperative if a country wanted to successfully engage in global maritime trade.

If you dont have an efficient port you cant participate.

Run efficiently, on the other hand, a port could become a game-changer for how a coastal country functioned, he said.

Related to this gauge, African ports at present featured nowhere in the top 20 port....

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