Judge delays sentencing for husband guilty of manslaughter in...

MIAMI - A family dispute has delayed the sentencing of a Delray Beach man whose newlywed wife disappeared during the couple's sailing trip near the Bahamas. 

Lewis Bennett appeared in Miami federal court Tuesday morning after pleading guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter.

The 41-year-old faces a maximum eight-year prison sentence in the May 2017 disappearance of Isabella Hellmann, his wife of three months.

A judge said at a hearing Tuesday that he needed more information about visitation and a trust fund for the couple's now-2-year-old daughter. Sentencing was reset for May 28.

According to an FBI criminal complaint filed in February, Bennett, 41, "knowingly and unlawfully killed" Isabella Hellmann while they were sailing from Cuba to Florida in May 2017.

Bennett, who has dual British and Australian citizenship, told the U.S. Coast Guard that he went to sleep on the evening of May 14, leaving his wife at the helm, and woke up early the next morning to the sound of their catamaran crashing. He said the catamaran was taking on water, and Hellmann was nowhere to be seen.

The Coast Guard rescued Bennett from his life raft, which had several personal items on it, including a suitcase and two backpacks.

According to the complaint, "Bennett chose to only take one pre-packed backpack with him at the time he was rescued." ....

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