From Montenegro to Croatia in the Adriatic Sea

Sailing yacht in Adriatic Sea

Lovers of the sea have been enchanted by the Adriatic Coast for centuries. Whether it is due to the warm temperatures, striking bright blue colour or the impressive clarity, the waters of the Adriatic Sea are captivating. Although the area is situated away from the main buzz of the Mediterranean, the Med has still influenced the way the Croatians and Montenegrins live. However, both countries very much hold their own when it comes to authentic local delicacies, rich history and unspoiled nature. The Adriatic Coast offers a dreamy combination of sublime relaxation in the constant sunshine and opportunities to explore the succession of sandy beaches followed by buzzing nightlife and wholesome dinners - all of which makes for a perfect charter experience on board a luxury superyacht following a customisable seven-day itinerary.      Photo: Porto MontenegroDay one

No matter how old you are, the excitement of visiting a new place seems to peak when you are on a plane preparing to land and can gaze out of the plane window to appreciate the aerial view. Flying into Tivat airport is no different. Located in a corner of the Bay of Kotor, the airport welcomes you with special views over the next part of planet Earth you are yet to explore. Photo: Orkhan FarmanliPorto Montenegro has become one of the most prestigious marinas on the Adriatic Sea. The sparkling yachting paradise is now internationally recognised and is home to a host of luxury shops, entertainment and seasonal events, leis....

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