Cranky China's posturing puts its neighbours on edge

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  • Canada isn't the only country that's feeling rattled by relations with China  the suddenly cranky superpower is also stirring things up with its South Pacific neighbours.
  • Fifty-six million people in eight of the world's poorest and least-secure areas are in urgent need of food assistance, says a new report to the UN Security Council.
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China's nervous neighbours

Ottawa's relations with China have hit a new low following the arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou and what appear to be retaliatory measures against three Canadians.

But Canada isn't the only country feeling rattled by the suddenly cranky superpower.

Australia is trying to negotiate the release of one of its own citizens, the Chinese-born writer Yang Hengjun. The academic and political commentator was snatched off the streets of Guangzhou on Jan. 18, and is being held in a Beijing jail on national security suspicions.

Yang Hengjun, an author and former Chinese diplomat who is now an Australian citizen, is seen in a photo taken while he was on a visit to Tibet in July 2014. He was detained in Guanzhou by Chinese authorities on Jan. 18.(Reuters)

And China's sudden willingness to flex its military muscle in the South China Sea is unnerving countries all around the ....

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