Congress pressed to help needy military families

With Connor OBrien

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More than 100 advocacy groups call on Congress to assist military personnel struggling to feed their families.

A Navy SEAL rebukes the president for spreading conspiracy theoriesabout the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Health concerns are growing about an industry conference that is planning to buck recent practice and convene in person.

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HAPPY THURSDAY AND WELCOME TO MORNING DEFENSE, where we like to see new ink spilled about former Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Shoup (1904-1983), who tends to be overlooked among Americas legendary military leaders because he didnt drink the Kool-Aid. Shoup, who earned the Medal of Honor in World War II, was probably the highest-ranking critic of the military-industrial complex behind President Dwight Eisenhower himself. Shoops broadside, The New American Militarism, which was published in The Atlantic in 1969, railed against a growing militarism in American foreign policy and was the zen....

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