Competition, Quality And Demand Come Together

Combat, Patrol and Law Enforcement Vessels Meet Multiple Missions with varied business plans.

U.S. firms building patrol, combat and law enforcement craft are weathering government budget cuts by strengthening ties with clients and public agencies. These unique boats remain in demand because of terrorism, crime, wars, piracy and fire, and most serve multiple missions. As maritime nations beef up their defense capabilities, U.S. Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) programs help builders do business overseas. Some companies have successfully expanded sales through those channels. At home, local counties and municipalities have limited funds, grants and matching grants to pay for waterborne assets. That said, sales and building for those entities hasn’t gone away either. But, it will perhaps take a combination of all outlets for these niche builders to make a living in the coming year(s). It helps that U.S. builders can and do build series-style programs, economically and with better quality than what is typically found overseas in this sector. Indeed, U.S. builders today enjoy a surplus of trade for this type of vessel. The wide range of (domestic) companies involved in this business sector is impressive, varied in their approaches to obtain business, but commonly united in their success. How they make that happen is the real story.  

Ribcraft Delivers for All Sectors Close to home, Marblehead, MA-based Ribcraft, a manufacturer of rigid inflatable boats....

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