Bar Harbor Says No to Cruise Ships - Cruise Industry News

Vision of the Seas

Bar Harbor, Maine, has decided it does not want any cruise traffic in 2020 following a presentation from American Cruise Lines earlier this week.

The cruise line also presented a 20-page risk mitigation plan. 

A Tuesday presentation to a town council meeting by American Cruise Lines outlined various procedures the company was willing to undertake to call on Bar Harbor, but ultimately fell short for 2020. The town decided it does not want any cruise traffic for 2020, whether big ships (as pictured, Royal Caribbean's Vision of the Seas in Bar Harbor), or even small ships with reduced capacity. 

With small ships, American falls outside the CDC's no sail order. 

The company was willing to make the following adjustments to its cruise experience:

  • Limit capacity from 175 guests to 60 guests. Crew would also be reduced.
  • Passengers would self quarantine at home seven days before the cruise departure. 
  • Three (3) days prior to travel to Maine and Four (4) to....
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