Allegations of New Hazardous Waste Tied to Allens Ave Scrap Yard

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kate Nagle, GoLocal Contributor

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A plaintiff in Allens Avenue legal proceedings has said they have found "auto-fluff" on their property.

A neighboring business to Sims Metals Management (SMM) on Allens Avenue, who has both a pending lawsuit and

a petition before the city council against the scrap metal yard

- has said that since initial environmental testing on its property in 2013, it has recently determined the presence of "auto fluff" in light of recent additions to the scrap pile. 

Providence Piers, who had filed a petition in February with the City Council alleging that the scrap yard exceeded environmental standards presenting a "grave public health and safety risk which must be abated," has now said that last month it  found on its property the hazardous environmental byproduct of vehicle shredding.

"Per OHI, Providence Piers’ environmental consultant, when the dust investigation was conducted in August of 2013, there was no auto fluff present on the roof. However, since the SMM New England vehicle shredding facility in Johnston, RI opened in late 2013, the ferrous scrap from that facility is trucked to the 242 Allens Avenue site where it is stockpiled in massive quantities until it is exported via ship," said Joe Pemantell, who along with lawyer Mike Kelly is representing Providence Piers.   

"Auto fluff is an all too well-known by-product of vehicle shredding operations. Despite the “sprinklers” installed at SMM, after receiving the not....

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