Abandon Ship Review - Gamereactor

Abandon Ship has been sailing through Early Access on Steam since last year, and after we first heard talk of a game inspired by FTL: Faster Than Light but with a nautical theme and a side order of Cthulhu, we've had it on our radar (or should that be sonar, perhaps?). Now, as of last month, the game is finished, and we've been exploring the seven seas in search of action and adventure.

Abandon Ship puts you in charge of a small naval vessel and tasks you with escaping from an evil cult which once you helped establish. The story is delivered via text boxes throughout your adventure, with both random narrative elements littered around the place just waiting to be discovered, and pre-defined story beats that activate at certain locations. That said, most of the time your main focus will be on fighting pirates and cultists, as well as upgrading and repairing your ship at the nearest port whenever possible.

A big portion of the game is combat. Each vessel is equipped with cannons, mortars, and other such nautical weapons, some of which are good at damaging the enemy's hull, while others are better at dealing with the opposing crew. Your own crew will have to man their battle stations and then it's a case of targeting parts of the ship you're up against and then pummeling them into submission. There are multiple lanes that you sail into, and there are various weapons that complement the different distances you'll be from your enemy, for example, certain cannons are much better at cl....

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