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Threat Detection and Recognition

Trucks, trains, ships and oil rigs are all potential targets for criminal organizations. Organizations that own, use or transport high value assets recognise the need to protect their goods and employees, especially when they are at their most vulnerable - when in remote or isolated situations, at night and when operating alone.
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NATO Extends Somali Counter-piracy Mission to 2016

NATO has decided to extend its Indian Ocean counter-piracy mission by two years to the end of 2016, judging that piracy remains a threat despite a sharp fall in attacks, the alliance said on Wednesday. The decision was taken by NATO defence ministers meeting in Brussels. NATO ships have patrolled the waters off the Horn of Africa since 2009…
Some of the 11 freed crew members of the MV Albedo, hijacked by Somali pirates in 2010, who were released on June 6

MPHRP Welcomes Released Seafarers Of MV Albedo

The Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme (MPHRP) has welcomed the release and safe return of the remaining crew from the MV Albedo. Commenting on their arrival into Kenya on 7 June 20124MPHRP chair Peter Swift said, “After 1288 days in captivity we are delighted for them and their families after the terrible ordeal and hardship that they have suffered.

British man among two UN workers shot dead while on anti-piracy mission to Somalia - Africa - World

The UK Foreign Office (FCO) confirmed that one of the men was British and that the shooting had taken place today, but have not disclosed any further details about his identity or that of the other worker.A spokesperson said the FCO stands ready to provide consular assistance to the family. Aleem Siddique, a spokesperson for the UN's mission in Somalia…

The world has a new piracy hotspot

Please support our site by enabling javascript to view ads.BANGKOK Maybe God has a soft spot for pirates. That would explain the Strait of Malacca, a natural paradise for seafaring bandits.Imagine an aquatic highway flowing between two marshy coasts. One shoreline belongs to Malaysia, the other to Indonesia. Each offers…

Navy littoral ship USS Coronado soon to be christened - KUSI.com - KUSI News - San Diego CA

There are only three other ships like the USS Coronado, but every six months, another will come on line until the Navy reaches 32 in number, at a cost of about $400 million each.One would think a Navy warship operating in littorals, or close to shore, would have to be a somewhat small craft, but this ship is 490-feet long, can operate in 14-feet of water and hit speeds upward of 40 mph.
Dragon boaters pulling hard

Matatu Film Festival highlights African indie cinema, Dragon Boats on the Lake, Oakland Music Festiv

If you were around Lake Merritt this past weekend, you might have heard a lot of commotion and wondered what, exactly, was happening. No need for alarm; it was only dragons.Dragon boaters pulling hardDragon boats, to be specific. The tradition of racing dragon boatselongated canoes which hold 20 or more paddlers, decorated…